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Beats by Dr. Dre presents : Nick Kyrgios in “Play Your Own Rules”  
The rules of tennis tell you how should act, how you should play, how you should dress and overall, how you should be. What they don’t tell you is, how to play at your best. For that, you have to “Play Your Own Rules.” 
Powerbeats2 Wireless gives Nick Kyrgios the freedom to train as hard as he can and the Beats Solo2 allows him to focus his mind before each match. Hardcore training and maximum focus are needed to perform at his highest level  
"Beats By Dre presents: Nick Kyrgios in Play Your Own Rules"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Rules of professional tennis. Players shall not violently hit or throw a tennis ball. Audible obscenities are strictly prohibited. Players shall not violently throw a racket or other equipment. And all white attire is mandatory. By following these rules, players can be assured of a successful tournament.  
(Lyrics) When it's shutdown 
That's not me and it's shutdown 
Touch the road and it's shutdown 
Boy Better Know when it's shutdown

Written Text

Rules Of Tennis 
Rule 19 
No Ball Abuse 
Rule 03 
No Audible Obscenities 
Rule 11 
No Racket Abuse 
Rule 07 
No Coloured Attire 
Play Your Own Rules 
Beats Solo2 
Beats Solo2 Wireless

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