As a proud sponsor of the 2015 US Open, we're teaming up with the Bryan brothers to show you why sorta Mike Bryan isn’t Mike Bryan, and sorta you isn’t you. 
"Sorta Mike Bryan"

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Serving first, Mike and Bob Bryan.  
Come on, Bobby! 
You're not my brother. 
Well, I'm sorta your brother. We both drive a sweet ride, we're both better looking than you and we both command total respect on the court. Now come on! Let's get monkey on these fools.  
Esurance helps make sure you only pay for what's right for you, not someone sorta like you. 
He's right, you know. I am better looking than him.  
Esurance. Proud sponsor of the US Open.

Written Text

sorta you isn't you 
insurance for the modern world 
Official Car Insurance Sponsor Of The US Open

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