Our old wives like it hot. Hot deals. Hot guys. It’s the hottest event ever — the Volkswagen Model Year End Sales Event. 
"2015 Volkswagen Sales Event | “Hot Deals” Passat Commercial"

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Do you like the Passat? 
It's a good looking car. 
This is the model rear end event. 
The model year end sales event! It's year end! 
It's the rear end event! 
Year end, rear end, check it out. 
Talk about turbo charging my engine! 
Gorgeous. What kind of car do you like? New or many miles on it? 
Get a $1,000 Volkswagen reward car on select 2015 Passat models, or lease a 2015 Passat limited edition for $209 a month after $1,000 Volkswagen bonus.

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Offers end July 31, 2015 
Volkswagen Model Year End Sales Event 
Das Auto

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