After satisfying his craving for Pizza, Damon needed Orbit gum to help keep the saucy slice from getting in between him and his new girl. For that just brushed clean feeling... EAT, DRINK, CHEW Orbit. 
"Orbit Gum Commercial - Damon Wayans Jr. Tosses Pizza Out (:30)"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Ooh, that's hot.  
Take it off, Amore! Take. It. Off! 
You took off my pepperonis. 
Yeah, I took off your pepperonis, right? They were good, OK? I have company now. 
You don't want me anymore? You think you can have me and then get rid of me? 
You're a pizza! OK? Now we're done! 
Don't let food hang around.  
For that just brushed clean feeling, eat, drink, chew Orbit.

Written Text

Just Brushed Clean Feeling. 
Chew Orbit

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