Ten men. Two cages. One grizzly bear. Which cage will they choose? 
"Cages: High Strength Steel | Chevrolet"

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How's it going? Have you ever been inside a materials testing facility? 
First time.  
Let me ask you, what is your perception of steel? 
When I say the word "aluminum", what's your perception of that? 
The opposite, really. 
Easy to bend. 
There are two cages in this room. 
This one on the right is made out of high-strength steel. The one on the left is made out of aluminum. Go ahead and feel both of these cages behind you and then come back to the yellow square.  
Now I'm going to release a 700 pound Grizzly bear into the room, so you better pick a cage and get in it.  
Oh, sh*t. 
I think he's circling, he's circling me. 
How do you feel about your choice in cages right now? 
I'm glad I picked this cage. 
Ooh, he foaming at the mouth, too. 
Why did you pick the steel cage over the aluminum cage? 
I figure it'd be harder for the bear to get in the steel. 
Would you rather be in the aluminum cage? 
You wanna see something else made with high-strength steel? That's the Chevy Silverado made with high-strength steel for high-strength dependability. 
That's a manly truck right there, man! 
It's beautiful. Can I get out of the cage now?

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