It’s summer, so don’t worry kids, THIS IS NOT A BACK TO SCHOOL COMMERCIAL. We’re just here to let parents know that all of their favorite vacation supplies – things like jeans, polo’s, backpacks, pens, and pencils – are available at Kmart with No Money Down Layaway. Keep on enjoying summer kids. Mom and Dad are just planning that long-anticipated relaxing fall getaway. 
"Kmart Back to School Layaway Commercial | Parents’ Vacation"

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Hello, America. It's summer. But don't worry, kids. This is not a back to school commercial. This is a commercial for a vacation for parents. Supplies for this vacation include jeans, polos, backpacks, pencils, pens, more backpacks. These may seem like things for kids, but they are supplies that bring parents relaxation and freedom from entertaining their children. And now parents can put these vacation items on no money down layaway at Kmart, where Shop Your Way members always get more.

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No Money Down Layaway 
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