"Levi’s® Men’s 501© CT: Beautiful Morning" 
Levi's 501©CT. The Next Original. Find your fit at 
This shows a man who appears to be sneaking out after spending the night with a woman. He buttons up his jeans and is out the door before the woman wakes up and reaches for him. Several women check him out as he's walking down the street and going into a coffee shop. We think he's just a player, but at the end he shows back up at the woman's apartment with coffee and breakfast. She pulls him in for round 2.

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Levi's 501 CT. The next original. 
(Lyrics) I'll be glad when you're dead 
You rascal you 
When you're dead and in your grave 
No more women will you crave 
I'll be glad when you're dead 
You rascal you

Written Text

Levi's 501 CT 
The Next Original 
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