Whether it’s the invention of the wheel, one upping each other in the ring, or on the golf course, guys are all about One Upmanship – even when it comes to what they put in their cereal bowl.  
"Oatmeal Crisp – Evolution of One Upmanship."

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One upmanship. It's the lifeblood of being a man. Always has been since the very beginning. For what was the invention of the wheel, but one caveman's way of one upping another. Long live the early explorers that one upped, and upped, and upped each other at all costs. And daredevils? Well, they one up each other for a living. And have the neck braces to prove it. Of course a square ring with bobbing and weaving was one upped by an octagon where anything goes. You'll see it on a tee box when a graphite driver's one upped by a titanium beast that dwarfs most newborn babies. And yes, even cereal was one upped with visionary Scott Duncan's creation of Oatmeal Crisp. It's bursting with real berries, roasted nuts, crunchy oat flakes and packed with flavor that people go crazy for. Oatmeal Crisp. One up your bowl.

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One Upmanship 
Oatmeal Crisp 
One Up Your Bowl.

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