See why ZDnet calls Amazon Echo “A perfect 10.” Amazon Echo is always on to answer questions, control your music, read the news, check sports scores, traffic, tell you how far Pluto is from Earth, play the perfect music for a fantasy space road trip, check the weather and much more.  
"Amazon Echo TV commercial: Controlled by your voice."

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Alexa, tell me the news. 
NASA unveiled amazing new images of Pluto today. Unveiling a surprisingly... 
Alexa, how far is Pluto from Earth? 
4.67 billion miles. 
Whoa. Alexa, play my roadtrip playlist. 
(Lyrics) He's going the distance 
He's going for speed

Written Text

A Perfect 10 - ZDnet 
This is what a smart home should feel like - Mashable 
I spoke to the future 
and it listened - Gizmodo 
amazon Echo

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