Howdy, folks. It’s me, the REAL Colonel Sanders. Lately there’s been an imposter Colonel out there pretending to be me. He’s done a real fine job at it, but come on—there’s only one me, and that’s me. So here I am, the REAL Colonel Sanders, back in the saddle to tell you all about my delicious, hand-prepared $20 Family Fill Up Meal. 
"Kentucky Fried Chicken | The Real Colonel Sanders"

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Howdy, folks. It's me, Colonel Sanders. 
Hey! That's not the real Colonel Sanders! I'm the real Colonel Sanders! This is how you sell chicken. Howdy, folks. It's me, the real Colonel Sanders. I'm back to tell you about my new $20 Family Fill Up meal. It's a treasure chest of delicious homestyle cookin', but served in containers, not treasure chests. It's finger lickin' good.

Written Text

$20 Family Fill Up Meal 
Kentucky Fried Chicken 
"It's finger lickin' good"

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