As they say in Jamaica: as yuh quint it, it gwan. Blink and it will be gone. Fitting patois from an island that seems to give birth to the fastest people on earth. Is it the healthy diet of yams? Is it the laidback lifestyle? Whatever it is, Usain Bolt keeps on doing it, and the world constantly has its eyes peeled for more. 
Usain Bolt is the World’s Fastest Man. The Jamaican sprinter is a six-time Olympic™ gold medalist and World Record holder. He broke his own world record at the 2009 World Championships in Berlin, running the 100m in 9.58 and the 200m in 19.19. He also holds the World Record, along with his Jamaican teammates, in the 4x100m relay (36.84). But he was always destined for greatness: Bolt holds the World Youth (20.13 at age 16) and World Junior (19.93 at age 18) records for 200m. And now he’s the only man to hold the 100m and 200m World and Olympic™ titles at the same time. What does Bolt do now that he’s the World’s Fastest Man? He trains for faster. Stay tuned. 
This ad features Usain Bolt working out in the gym and the track with medicine balls, weights, and a variety of running and jumping exercises.

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Usain Bolt 
What are you training for? 
Forever faster Puma

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