Your Summer Now Streaming on Hulu. Now is the time to get caught up! Hulu has the latest seasons. All for $7.99/month.  
"Your Summer Now Streaming TV Ad (:30) - Hulu"

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Looking for a ride? 
(Lyrics) Show me the way 
I’m just a little late but it’s never gonna end 
It's never gonna end 
Show me the way 
Just don’t sit and wait or it’s never gonna end 
It's never gonna end

Written Text

Your Summer Now Streaming On Hulu 
Now Is The Time 
To Get Caught Up 
Hulu Has The Latest Seasons 
All For $7.99/Month 
Your Summer Now Streaming 
Wish You Were Here 
Start Your Free Trial 
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The Mindy Project | FOX 
black-ish | abc 
Saturday Night Live | NBC 
Chicago P.D. | NBC 
Brooklyn Nine-Nine | FOX 
Bob's Burgers | FOX 
Sleepy Hollow | FOX 
Once Upon A Time | abc 
Fresh Off The Boat | abc

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