Xbox One is evolving NFL game day by bringing your Fantasy Football, Next Gen Stats, and personalized highlights all to your TV. Track and manage multiple fantasy teams, get real-time alerts and notifications, and discover new ways to follow your favorite players with Next Gen Stats such as top speed, distance traveled, and more. Welcome to the Evolution of Game Day. 
"NFL on Xbox: Professor of Game Day Evolution"

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Welcome to Game Day Evolution 101. Yes, Drew Brees. 
Will this be on the test? 
Will the name of the class be on the test? No. All right, got lots to cover today, people! NFL on Xbox One. Fantasy alerts and highlights. Who can tell me how to make this highlight even awesomer? Anyone? Anyone? 
Ooh! I know! I know! Right here! 
Clay, you could use the extra credit. 
This isn't even a real class, man.  
You know what's real, Clay? Next Gen Stats. That's real. 
Can we just play some video games? 
This is mine. Pop quiz, what's Larry's speed right here? Richard. 
17.89 miles per hour. 
Wow. Here, here, do me!  
Fantasy, highlights, Next Gen Stats. The NFL on Xbox One.  
We can play video games, just let me get through the lecture. Oh, Marshawn! Nice of you to join us.  
Bro, I been here the whole time.  
Xbox One. Now, $349.

Written Text

The Evolution of Game Day. 
Xbox One | NFL 
Now $349 

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