This is a commercial for the TNT television series 'Public Morals' starring Edward Burns, Michael Rapaport, Elizabeth Masucci, Katrina Bowden, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Wass Stevens, Keith Nobbs, Austin Stowell, Patrick Murney, Lyndon Smith, Brian Wiles and Cormac Cullinane. 
"TNT Public Morals Commercial"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

The rules are the rules and they are not yours to bend. You wanna be in business, you gotta pay your rent.  
What exactly do we do here? 
I carry a gun, remember? I'm a cop. 
The best gig there is. 
Are you in? 
Public Morals. Series premiere Tuesday, August 25th on TNT. 
(Lyrics) The deal is done 
There ain't no forgiveness 
I ain't no believer 
Bad, bad man

Written Text

August 25 
From Creator 
Edward Burns 
And Executive Producer 
Steven Spielberg 
What's Your Vice? 
Public Morals 
Series Premiere 
Tuesday August 25 

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