Check out how Teni Panosian, Sharzad Kiadeh and Shameless Maya are going mad for plaid this Fall with a full collection of plaid products from Target. This is the plaid you want. Now This is Plaid, TargetStyle.  
"Discover Your Plaid Potential"

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Plaid just transcends through time. Ooh, I love glamorous '50s plaid. 
I'm a fan of the black and white minimalist look. Um, it's very clean and you can mix it up. 
One of my favorite looks for plaid is like '90s grunge. 
I've always been such a big fan of the '90s, 'cause I grew up in the '90s. Just the music scene, the punk bands. Plaid was just like the must-have accessory.  
I think plaid is so iconic because there's just so many ways you can actually do it.  
There's so many different styles and sizes to choose from that can truly express how you're feeling. 
So, plaid fits really well into my personal style, just because it's something so easy to throw on. 
No matter what the outfit is, it always gives it sort of a laid back, just kinda cool vibe.  
You know, I can mix it and match it with so many other pieces that I have. And I also really love that I can dress it up with like, makeup or jewelry. 
You know, this is your standard checkered. You do have options. And I love options. 
You can do pretty much anything with plaid.  
Anything that allows me to have a little bit of fun, um, while expressing myself, is good to go. 
Target knocked it out of the park this fall.  
I love what Target is doing with plaid.  
I think they did such a good job with the variety of products.  
But what I really liked about this plaid collection from them, is that there's so many unique pieces. It just got me inspired to style them so many different ways.  
So for all you plaid junkies out there, you'll be happy to know that Target not only has really killer clothing, but they have home decor, they have pet accessories. 
I think my favorite piece actually is the giant, um, scarf/throw. You can use it as like a scarf, or you can use it as a blanket.  
You can get out of your little plaid comfort zone.  
There's definitely something for everybody.  
Shop plaid in store and online, now. And check out our lookbook of all our plaid apparel, home goods and essentials at 
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I can't wait 
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I can't wait 
I can't wait

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Discover Your Plaid Potential 
Teni Panosian 
Sharzad Kiadeh 
Shameless Maya 
What's your favorite plaid style? 
What's so iconic about plaid? 
How do you rock plaid? 
What do you love about this collection? 
Now This Is Plaid, TargetStyle. 

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