Our latest TV advert shows the speed and ease of using your HSBC card with Apple Pay. 
A young woman sits in the back of a coffee shop, studying on a dark, rainy evening. Another woman is out for a run, and stops into the shop to buy a coffee. She notices the woman, hard at work in the corner. Using Apple Pay, she buys the young girl a coffee, with "good luck!" written on the side of the cup. 
"HSBC with Apple Pay is here - See our latest TV advert here first"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

HSBC with Apple Pay. 
(Lyrics) Hell down, heaven down 
Livin' in the same town 
Tryin' to find something new 
This ain't real, this ain't cool 
This ain't what I signed up to 
This ain't right, it's no good 
No good, oh 
Everything is changing, 
And I've been here for too long 
Going through the same things 
I've been hurting too long

Written Text

Good luck! 
HSBC | Apple Pay

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