Kate McKinnon doesn't have time to fill out forms for online purchases. She wants a safe and easy way to buy online. Introducing MasterPass from MasterCard. Kate spends less time typing, more time dancing - in her fancy new red dress, purchased using MasterCard's MasterPass.  
"MasterPass: Dress"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I'm not a fan of putting my personal info in these online shopping forms. Hello?! I don't have time to be filling out my address. I need to be buying a dress. That's why I use MasterPass. Less typiing, more dancing. 
Como te llamas? 
Yo soy camarones. Dip me.  
The safter, easier way to shop online. MasterPass for MasterCard and your bank. It's the shortcut to priceless.

Written Text

What Is Your Name? 
I am shrimp. 
Shortcut To Priceless

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