AT&T Commercial 2015 Steve Carell All in One Plan On the Go. AT&T All in One Plan TV Commercial, 'On the Go' Featuring Steve Carell. Hold the phone! Actor Steve Carell explains people can watch their DVRs at the DMV and change channel while your husband changes pants with AT&T and DirecTV?s The All in One Plan. Turn a couch potato into a train potato because anyone can access their DirecTV shows on the AT&T network with The All in One Plan. But this guy is stuck filling up a minivan? There?s nothing anyone can do about that. 
"AT&T Commercial 2015 Steve Carell All in One Plan On the Go"

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Hold the phone. Because AT&T and DirecTV are now one. Which means you can access your DVR at the DMV. Change channels while he changes pants. You don't have to be a couch potato, you can be a train potato! And let them watch all the shows they love inside the ride you really kind of hate. Introducing the All In One Plan only from DirecTV and AT&T

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The All in One Plan 
Connect 4 TVs + 4 Smartphones 
$200/mo. for 12 months 
Now part of the AT&T family 
1-800-IMAGINE | Visit an AT&T Store |

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