"Ray Donovan Season Premiere Commercial"

This is a commercial for the Showtime series 'Ray Donovan' season premiere.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I have a job for you.
You've dealt with this kind of thing before?
There can be no bloodshed and no press. I have to say that.
You're gonna need me on this, Ray.
You stay out of this.
I can't wait to meet the woman behind the man.
What are you gonna do, call the cops on me?
That's your thing.
You like a little blood don't you, Paige?
You better watch what you say to me, Ray.
Does it turn you on?
Ray Donovan. Premieres Sunday at 9:00 only on Showtime.

(Lyrics) I'm gonna do my thing
I'm gonna do my thing
I'm gonna do my thing

Written Text

Showtime Original Series
Ray Donovan
Season Premiere Sunday 9/8c
Watch It. Stream It. Get It.

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Ray Donovan

This Television Series is referred to by Showtime Commercial for Ray Donovan
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Ray Donovan Commercial

Ray Donovan Commercial


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