While Ken Jennings has been writing books and going on speaking tours, IBM Watson has been helping people plan for retirement, helping doctors identify cancer treatments and more. IBM Watson can help you outthink competitors. 
"Ken Jennings & IBM Watson on Competition"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hello, Ken Jennings. I haven't seen you since that TV quiz show. 
Hello, Watson. You can see now? 
I can recognize people, analyze images and watch movies. 
Well, I wrote a few books. I did a speaking tour, I... 
I've been helping people plan for retirement and I help doctors identify cancer treatments.  
Is that all? 
I've recently learned Japanese. 
Yeah, I was being sarcastic. 
I haven't learned sarcasm yet.  
I can help with that.

Written Text

Ken Jennings + IBM Watson 
on competition 
IBM Watson thinks with us to help outthink competitors.  

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