Hey you. You that do things your own way. Why on Earth do you need to sign a 2 year contract?  
Take back control. Reach for the heights that others can't even imagine and look at things from a new perspective. 
We don't tie you down. giffgaff makes you feel free.  
"Hey you. Let's fly. | giffgaff"

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Hey you. You who see your phone as your lifeline. You don't follow the crowd. You do things your own way. Why on earth do you need to sign a 2-year contract? Now you have a chance to feel free.  
Take back control. 
Reach for the heights others can't even imagine.  
And look at things from a new perspective. 'Cause life throws you into situations you don't expect to be in. So look up! 
I'm not tied to anything. We don't tie you down. 
I do what I want to do. giffgaff makes you feel free.  
All you have to do is open your mind and come join us.  
giffgaff. The mobile network run by you.  
(Lyrics) I swear to God I'm not the same 
As I was the other week 
I got you stuck in my teeth 
And though you take me for a fool 
I've got better things to do 
Than to prove myself to you 
But you know I won't get back on 
That road again it's too long 
Another kid with no strings 
But it's fine 
I'm a little too young with not enough time

Written Text

Hey You Toast Stamp 
Glorious Toast Each And Everyday.  
giffgaff Presents 
Music By Circa Waves 
Costume Designer No Ties Allowed 
Executive Producer N.O. Contract 
I'm Not Tied To Anything 
the mobile network run by you 

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