"Big Ten Conference PSA: Maps" 
The Big Ten Conference debuted its latest PSA in late August – look for it all year, including during all home football games. 
This computer animated ad flies across a landscape showing football related places such as college stadiums, the Rose Bowl, campuses, and major landmarks on campuses.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I wanna live forever on a boat out in the sea 
I wanna build a happy home, a home for you and me 
I wanna touch the silver lining, we'll be shining everywhere 
I wanna live forever, I don't care

Written Text

Rose Bowl 
N, M, I, P, R 
Playbill - A Streetcar Named Desire 
Birthplace of College Football 
Go Blue, Ohio State, Love, Wall St. 
Big 10

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