Three kids and Bullseye discover a magical holiday world and set out on an epic quest to light a ridiculously giant tree. See the full story at 
"Target Holiday Commercial 2015: Chapter 1 - The Journey Begins"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Whoa! What is it?  
Come on! 
Come on! We're about to light the tree! 
Whoa, little dude! 
Excuse me! 
Welcome to the annual lighting of the tree. Let the holidays begin! 
Oh, that is not good. 
A bulb has gone out. Who will go on the perilous journey to replace it? 
It's too far. 
It looks cold. 
No one's ever gone up there. 
We will! 
We will? 
Be careful out there. 
This is gonna be amazing!

Written Text

Bulb Out: Holidays Ruined? 
The story continues 
expect more. pay less.

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