Eight NFL teams will debut new Nike Color Rush uniforms this season, which are exclusive to Thursday Night Football games. Participating teams include the Buffalo Bills, New York Jets, Tennessee Titans, Jacksonville Jaguars, Carolina Panthers, Dallas Cowboys, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and St. Louis Rams. 
"Nike and NFL To Unveil Color Rush Uniforms"

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This season, we'll exit the tunnel in a rush of color that paints perceptions differently. Before the glory, there are rituals. There are the fans, superstitions and game-day gear that reach beyond fabric to become our driving force. Home or away, the colors are a part of us. Permanent and unwavering. On Thursdays, we disrupt, we unify. We will make a statement that breaks routine and incites victory. We will create a new way that celebrates loyalty and redefines pride. That floods the field, spills into the stadium seats and pours from the screens. Bolder than ever and utterly immovable. On Thursdays, we turn up our game in full color.

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Starting On Thursdays 
The NFL Will Be Flooding The Field With Color 
Week 10 
November 12th 
Bills VS. NY Jets 
Week 11 
November 19th 
Jaguars VS. Panthers 
Week 12 
November 26th 
Cowboys VS. Panthers 
Week 13 
Bucs VS. Rams 
Color Rush 
NFL Network 
Thursday Night Football 

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