Keith Lemon discovers that Christmas in the Australian Outback is proper rubbish. With no access to Pin Point from Carphone Warehouse, running out of signal and data leave little cause for celebration. Thankfully, you can get down to Carphone Warehouse and bag yourself a ripper Christmas on the right phone deal. 
"Keith Lemon Pin Point TV Ad – Aussie Christmas"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Christmas in Australian Outback is proper rubbish, because there is no Carphone Warehouses.  
? Look at this face. 
I said I didn't want to do it with spiders!  
Jenna can't find herself a beefcake, you know on one of those dating website things. 
Oh, struth, I'm missin' out! Or am I? 
No thanks.  
And ? signal keeps droppin' out! 
Oh, I lost it again! Keep driving, Lemon! It's gonna be around here somewhere!  
To avoid any of these ? problemos, get to Carphone Warehouse to get a ripper deal that's right for you, using this pin point thing. Mate. That sounded authentic, didn't it? 
Carphone Warehouse. They compare. You save. And Merry Christmas you ? ding dongs!

Written Text

Get A Mega Bonza Deal 
Carphone Warehouse 
We Compare 
You Save

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