On November 8, the Sausage Nonnas are coming to Chicago. Johnsonville has partnered with Uber to deliver real Italian grandmas (in tiny grandma homes) to cook for lucky families on Sausage Sunday. 
"The Sausage Nonnas | Antonia"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

OK, I gotta talk now? OK, my name is Antonia and I cook the sausage and the pasta I bring in Italy.In Italy, the Nonna teach the grandchildren everything. Yeah, in America, not too much.  
Can you show that to me? Show the camera?  
Yeah, I will. I wanted to look. I have seven granddaughters. Oh yeah, we cook the sausage. And then we fix with the pasta. Well, I tried to teach my one granddaughter, she don't want to listen too much. Well I say, you do what I say, otherwise you in trouble. And then she listen to everything I say. I teach her how to knit and then I teach her how to make the square. And then I teach her how to cook. And they love it, they have lots of fun. Thank you very much. I hope I see all you beautiful people soon. I gotta start over again? OK.

Written Text

Nonna Antonia 
Cooking: The Sausage and the pasta 
Johnsonville & Uber 
Proudly present 
The Sausage Nonnas 
Open your Uber app between 2pm and 6pm on November 8th and request NONNAS on the bottom slider in the app. 
The Nonnas are Coming.  
Johnsonville | Uber

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