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"A&W Rootbeer Dumass"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Mr. Dumb Ass, I can bring a lot to Dumbass and Dumbass. I'm a go getter. Dumbass material all the way. So, am I your man Mr. DumbAss? 
The name is Dumass. 
That's pretty thick headed, but nothing compared to the rich, thick, frosty malt taste of an A&W Root Beer. With A&W, it's good to be thick headed. 
What a dumb ass

Written Text

Mr. Dumass 
Thick Headed 
It's good to be thick headed 
Dumbass, Dumb Ass, Dum Ass, Dumass, Dumas, Doomas, Doomass

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