"Android: Ready for You" 
Ready for smooth-moving, memory-choosing, dinner-dashing you. See what you can do with the best of Google at your fingertips. 
* Someone taking a picture of a girl in a train station 
* A man burning food in the oven and then using his phone to find a Thai restaurant to order from 
* Someone searching for dog pictures while playing fetch with their dog 
* Someone searching for "blue" 
* A dancers in a dance studio 
* A biker getting directions, and a woman working out to music 
* A woman dancing at a party

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Look at you. One in a billion. 
It reflects in the food. 
Every dog's best friend 
Part of a perfectly mismatched pair 
And the fliest of flight forgetters 
Blue eyes, blue hair, and blue in the face 
Look at this shot - all 280 of them 
Need some fresh before meetings, and the right beat to make a sweat 
It doesn't take a mirror to see you've got one move, but it is glorious 
The lights go on 
The lights go off 
When things don't feel right 
I lie down like a tired dog 
Licking his wounds in the shade 
When I feel alive

Written Text

Samsung, Photos, Dogs 
Show me Thai takeaway near me 
Leave now - 10 min late 
59 min - light traffic on M1 
Virgin Australia VA97 
Ready for smooth-moving 
Ready for memory-choosing 
Ready for dinner-dashing 
Ready for you 
The best of Google at your fingertips 

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