"Android: El Gato Loco" 
Find your photos by person, place or cat, with Google Photos. Android has the best of Google, ready for you. 
This ad shows a Mexican wrestling match (Lucha libre) with the wrestlers all wearing masks. A girl in the audience uses her Android phone to take a picture of one of the wrestlers who is wearing a cat mask. She then searching for "cat" in her photos and a photo of a guy (and his cat) she knows comes up, and she recognizes him as the wrestler.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Gato Loco! Gato Loco! 
Wait a second. 
I know that cat. 
He wears a red bandana 
He plays a blue piana (He plays a blue piano) 
In a honky tonk down in Mexico 
Yeah, como esta ustedes, senorita? 
Hey, come with me to Mexico City 
Ah, you get your kicks in Mexico

Written Text

Play Music, Google, Photos, Maps, Android Pay 
Ready for you, ex-girlfriend of El Gato Loco 
Find your photos by person, place, or cat with Google Photos 
Try the Google Photos app on Android

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