"Android: Silent Disco Dancer" 
Running playlists. Chill music. Strange impromptu dance parties in the woods. Whatever you're into, Android is ready for you with Google Play Music.  
This ad shows a bunch of people dancing in the woods, but they are all listening to different music with their earphones. One girls is confused by all the weird people dancing in silence, but decides to join in anyway. She asks her Google Play Music app to play her some music she can dance to.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Okay, Google, play some music I can dance to. 
Making headlines just for kicks 
Tryin' to get love not tryin' to get rich 
We're the new Bohemia 
We're the new Bohemia 
Not in it for the fame we do it for the thrill 
Gonna light it up wanna change the world 
We're the new Bohemian 
We're the new Bohemia

Written Text

Google, Photos, Play Music, Maps, Android Pay 
Play some music I can dance to 
New Bohemia 
Ready for you, silent disco dancer 
Curated music for whatever you're info. 
Driving, Getting Ready, A Dance Party, Taking an Autumn Stroll 
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