The commercial starts out in the middle of an an airport runway with a plane taking off. It then starts to show numerous oddly shaped trucks/vehicles used on the airport - most of them in hangers at first. There are baggage trucks, stair trucks, tow trucks, and a few others that cannot be identified. All the trucks come out onto the runway and begin racing. The race is getting heated, and there is some bumping, and the luggage truck starts to drop people's bags. Some of the other vehicles begin running over the bags, but continue racing. Then the camera moves up above and flys over the trucks, and a Cadbury Milk Chocolate candy bar in a purple wrapper is shown on the screen. It's entertaining, but it makes no sense at all.

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Written Text

A Glass and a Half Full Production 
Cadbury Dairy Milk 230g 
A glass and a half full of joy

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