Nick makes Purina Dog Chow dog food at the plant in Denver, Colorado, USA. He has always had family dogs, and when he got his boxer dog Khloe, she was just a puppy. Khloe is now the family guard dog and buddy to his son Lincoln - and Nick feeds her Dog Chow every day because he sees the high quality ingredients that go into Purina dog food and trusts it to keep Khloe healthy. 
"Dog Food Made in USA - Why Nick is Proud To Make Purina® Dog Chow®"

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Growing up we always had the family dog. And have had dogs most of my life. My name's Nick. I work at the Purina plant in Denver, Colorado and that's where I make Dog Chow. One of my fondest memories of Khloe is the day we got her. She was so small. She could fit right in my hands, and honestly, the pictures didn't do justice at all. I knew right there she was gonna be a great dog. Khloe loved Lincoln from the start. You know, she's his little protector. There'll be nights where I'm just trying to get the kid to sleep and Khloe just busts in there, lick his feet a little bit and just kinda let him know everything's gonna be all right. As my son grows up he's gonna have a little buddy to be alongside with him. I trust Dog Chow to keep Khloe healthy because I see the high quality ingredients that go into it. The safety and quality standards that we follow are top-notch. I trust enough to feed it to my dog every single day. And I'm proud to make Dog Chow in Denver, Colorado.

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Nick & Khloe 
Purina Dog Chow Complete 
Purina Dog Chow Since 1926 
Always crafted in the USA

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