When dad is on vacation in Philadelphia and sees a side of beef hanging, he just can’t help himself. He’s got the heart of a champion, but what about his hands? See what happens when this Rocky-Super-Fan tries to realize his dream in real life. Watch for official medical billing code E906.9 -- it’s just one of the thousands of ways people get into the complicated health care system. UnitedHealthcare health insurance has ways to make the medical system simpler, like notifying you when you claim has been processed. 
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Actually, Philly was the first capital. 
Oh, honey. No. Wait, did you just have that on your phone? 
It's time to mix it up. 
Do it, dad! 
Yeah, do it! 
There are thousands of ways into the complex health system. 
It was frozen. 
Daddy's hand looks funny.  
And choosing UnitedHealthcare can help make it simpler by letting you know when your claim has been processed.  
Yo! Adrian! 
Still not funny. 

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Official Medical Code  
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