Look out– these kids are the future of football. 
"The Future Is Fast"

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They think I'm comin' to play football? I am football. 
When Peyton says "Omaha", he's talkin' about me.  
I got the arm, the rest is comin'. 
Hey, Rob! 
Keep a couple of my records safe now. 
Go the ? route, baby. I got you. 
Corner, slant, curl, post. Any route's my best route. 
A star running back. 
You know what happens when you run the ball like me? People show up at your front door.  
DeMarcus, out! 
I'll take your job and I'll retire you. 
I'm fast. There ain't nothin' you can do about it.  
You'll see me comin' but you'll never be able to stop me.  
(Lyrics) Hold on, I'm comin'  
Hold on, I'm comin' 
Hold on, I'm comin' 
Hold on, I'm comin'

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The Future Is Fast 

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