McDonald’s Canada’s Non-Communications Director explains what you should already know: There is no Secret Secret Menu Challenge, and certainly nothing to see at 
"The Secret Secret Menu Challenge Denial Video"

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It's come to our attention there's a rumour spreading through our Ontario restaurants of a secret secret menu challenge. This is unfounded, absurd, and is making the people upstairs very McFrownie. Particularly the man in the big red shoes. He's a maverick. The McDonald's Canada head office flatly denies the existence of any secret secret menu challenge, the existence of a secret menu and the existence of secrets in general. McDonald's has a clear corporate policy regarding the spreading of rumours in the workplace. From now on, anyone caught speaking of the aforementioned secret secret menu challenge will find themselves sleeping with the Filet-O-Fishes. So please, pay no attention to the rumours. McDonald's menu is perfectly fine the way it is. Now go about your business. Just ignore that. It's not a thing.

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Don Ronaldson 
Non-Communications Director 
Spread mayo. 
Not rumours. 
The Secret Secret Menu Challenge

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