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Last year, UPS made Carson a driver for a day. This year, his mom wished for more kids to have the same experience and share in the joy of a wish delivered. So we gathered three new kids to take on the challenge of becoming UPS's littlest (and most adorable) drivers. 
"Your Wishes Delivered: Driver Training Camp"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Last year, UPS delivered my son's wish of being a driver for a day. Millions of people saw that video. Since then, people have come up and asked me, "Is that Carson, the UPS kid?". Our whole neighborhood has now participated in that one tiny wish. We've heard from kids all around the world who share Carson's love for those brown trucks. 
Ready to go to work? Ready to go. 
My wish this year is for them to have the same experience.  
And open the door! 
Oh my gosh! 
All right! 
What is this? 
And with a little help from UPS, we found three new kids to surprise.  
Driver Training Camp! 
So, how are you gonna knock on your door? Danny. 
You knock on it with your hand.  
Oh my gosh! Three UPS men at a time?! 
Have a nice day! 
Nice job! 
The road is tricky. Watch out for the bubbles. Get ready. Get set. Go! Nice job! James is having trouble. It's OK, it's OK. Excellent job! I think we have a winner! It's all of you! Group hug! 
The best part of the day is when the kids got to make some real deliveries. The Ronald McDonald House really helped us when Carson was born. And it's a place that means a lot to our family.  
Here's your present. 
Thank you. 
Remote control car. If you flip it over it still drives. 
Thanks, man. You're awesome.  
One of the biggest things to help teach these young kids right now is that they can go out, and they can give things to others as much as they can get something that's special to them.  
I wish every kid a truck.

Written Text

UPS Sorting Facility 
Englewood, CO 
Ronald McDonald House 
Aurora, CO 
Wishes Delivered 

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