Inspired by a True Tale of Clash Achievery, “The Legend of The Last Lava Pup” is the story of one Lava Pup’s heroic tale of survival, fireballs, and taking out Town Halls. Starring Christoph Waltz and James Corden. 
"Clash of Clans: Legend of the Last Lava Pup (Official Commercial)"

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Time to go to sleep, James.  
You haven't told me a story yet. 
This is the true story of a powerful and courageous father and his chubby pup of a son. It's called the Legend of the Last Lava Pup. There were once two warring clans. The Barbarian Party and the Immortals.  
The fighting had taken a toll on the Barbarian party. But they had one last hope. The brave and fiery lava hound.  
The whole army looked up to the lava hound. 
They sure did. Until he got destroyed. 
From the ashes of their father, twelve lava pups were born. 
I love lava pups! 
They were destroyed too. All except for one. The Last Lava Pup. But he was alone and afraid.  
Wait, hang on. The whole army is gone? 
And his dad is gone? 
And his brothers are gone? Why are you telling me this story? 
Patience, patience. When all seemed lost, Lava Pup heard a voice. 
Pup, burn it down. 
His dad is back! 
Then Lava Pup attacked, but the enemy King was waiting.  
Oh, this is exhausting. 
But did Lava Pup give up? 
No he didn't. Time was running out. Lava Pup shot one final fireball.  
He did it? 
Yes he did.  
Oh, woo! Another one! Tell me another one! 
This has been a true tale of Clash Achievery.

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True Tales of Clash Achievery 
Clash of Clans

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