Some Clashers play to win. Others play to give. This is the true tale of a man named KoopaTroopa787, the most generous Clasher who ever lived. 
"Clash of Clans: Koopa (Official TV Commercial)"

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This is the true story of the most generous man the Clash world had ever seen. A man who donated half a million troops to people he'd never met. A man named, Koopa. And soon, everyone knew his name. Koopa. Koopa didn't play to win, he played to give.  
Keep the change. 
Barbarians. Giants. Wizards. He helped Clashes win wars. People everywhere hoped they'd be blessed with gifts from Koopa.  
He gave and gave and gave. And just as mysteriously as he appeared, Koopa was gone. Which is quite unfortunate, because I could really use a dragon. This has been a true tale of Clash Achievery.

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True Tales of Clash Achievery 
Clash of Clans

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