"American Express Super Bowl XXXII ad feat Jerry Seinfeld Superman 1998" 
This 1998 Super Bowl ad features Jerry Seinfeld walking down the street with an animated Superman (voiced by Patrick Warburton who played David Puddy in Seinfeld). The talk about being famous when Superman notices that Lois Lane is in trouble. She forgot her wallet and she's trying to check out at the market. Superman doesn't carry money or a wallet, so Jerry comes to the rescue with his American Express card.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Superman: I mean, it's not like I asked to be famous. 
Seinfeld: Yeah, well it's the price you pay. 
Superman: You sign a lot of autographs? 
Seinfeld: Oh, yeah. You? 
Superman: Some. They ask me to bend stuff a lot. 
Seinfeld: I can see that. What! 
Superman: It's Lois. She's in trouble. 
Seinfeld: Did you look through that building? 
Superman: Well, kind of. It's glass. 
Seinfeld: Watch it. 
Superman: Whoa. 
Seinfeld: Idiot. 
Superman: Lois. 
Lois: Superman. I've forgotten my wallet. 
Superman: I can't carry money in this. I'm powerless. 
Seinfeld: I'm not. 
Old Man: What's with the spinning. 
Superman: He idolizes me. It's embarrassing. 
Lois: My hero. 
Seinfeld: What's that? 
Man: It's a huge comet hurtling perilously toward Earth. We're doomed! 
Seinfeld: I think you better get this one. 
You can do more with the American Express card 
Man: Wait! Could ya? It's for my kid.

Written Text

Grocery store 
American Express 
Daily Planet - around the globe 
Do more American Express cards

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