Who needs a six pack when you have your own thing? No must-have, must-be, fashion norms or body standards. The most attractive man you can be is yourself. So find what makes you, you. Then work on it. 
"AXE - Find Your Magic"

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Come on, a six-pack? Who needs a six-pack when you got the nose. Or a nose when you got the suit. Now you don't need a suit when you've got the moves. Or moves when you've got the fire. Or fire when you rock those heels. And heels when you ride those wheels. Looks? Man, who needs looks when you've got the books. Or books when you've got some balls. And who needs all that when you get the door? When you got the dough, the brains, the touch, the awww. That's right, who needs some other thing when you've got your thing? Now work on it.

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Axe Grooming For Men. 
Find Your Magic 
Find Your Magic.

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