"#ICYMI - CBS Promo for 3 Big Events!" 
Three big events only on CBS! SUPER BOWL 50 airs Sunday, Feb. 7 immediately followed by a LIVE edition of THE LATE SHOW with STEPHEN COLBERT. The 58th ANNUAL GRAMMY AWARDS (R) air Monday, Feb. 15. 
This ad starts with Rihanna, Jim Nance, Phil Simms, and James Brown stepping onto the field of an NFL football stadium for a pre-game coin toss. Stephen Colbert steps out as the official to flip them off (actually be the one who flips the coin). He flips the coin in the air and we see it has "Super Bowl 50" on one side and an image of a Grammy Award on the other side. It lands on the Super Bowl side and so Jim Nance says that "we go first" meaning the Super Bowl airs before the Grammys.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Jim Nance: Rihanna. 
Rihanna: Nance. 
Stephen Colbert: Hi. 
Nance and Rihanna: Colbert? 
Colbert: Yeah. Ree-ree, Jim, Phil, JB - I'm here to flip you off. 
Nance: We go first. 
Rihanna: I'm worth the wait. 
Announcer: Don't miss Super Bowl 50. 
Colbert:; Uh, Reeree, that's my coin. Hey, excuse me. 
Announcer: Followed by a special live Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Then only 8 days later, it's music's biggest night - the Grammys. Only CBS

Written Text

Super Bowl 50 
Sunday Feb 7 
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert 
Live Feb 7 
The Grammys 
Monday Feb 15

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