"LG's Man From The Future Teaser | LG USA" 
The Future is Here – and the announcement is coming during the Big Game! Liam Neeson stars as the Man from the Future in LG’s first-ever Big Game commercial. Discover what’s behind the Man from the Future and check back often to see new trailers and behind-the-scenes footage. And be sure to come back on February 7th for your chance to win the grand prize! Make sure to enter the #OLEDisHere sweepstakes.  
This 2016 Super Bowl teaser for LG starts out as a still frame of Liam Neeson. Suddenly the image starts moving and he turns around and throws what appears to be a tiny screen at a window where it sticks. The image shows an expanding circle.

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It will change everything.

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RSA Films presents 
Starring Liam Neeson 
Man from the Future 
Feb 7th 2016 
Mysteries from the Future 
Discover it during the Big Game 

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