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It’s Valentine’s Day. Make it Memorable with Durex Play Pleasure Gels.  
Cut the clichés and give your partner something they’ll really want to unwrap and play with. 
"Durex Play Presents: Shatter The Clichés This Valentine’s"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) Had I known how to capture the moon 
Bottle with earth and the newness of you 
Hear how I say the secret of our story 
In rhythm and glory 
The shape of you 
Famously my favorite 
Our bed is never made 
In this pretty little place we saved

Written Text

Durex Play Presents 
Shatter The Cliches This Valentine's 
The Sweetie Pie 
Cupid's Quiver 
Coming Up Roses 
Cut The Cliches This Valentine's 
love sex 

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