The Victoria’s Secret Angels take to the gridiron again. Are YOU ready to score more? Shop the new Valentine’s Day collection in stores, catalogue and online. 
"Score More: The Victoria’s Secret Angels Play Football (2016) (:30)"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Time for one last play. They need to score more to win. 
Lima takes the snap. Back to pass. They're going for the Statue of Liberty play! She moves like a ballerina! Hill back to Hosk. Unbelievable! Great support up front. 
They're known for that. She's going all the way! Touchdown! 
(Lyrics) More more more 
Come on love give it to me 
All you've got 
I'm so deep in it 
Do it baby, come and give me more

Written Text

Angels On The Gridiron 
Victoria's Secret 
Score More!

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