The Angels are back in the game—and they’re in it to win it. Join Victoria’s Secret Angels Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Elsa Hosk, Jasmine Tookes and Taylor Hill, and their new coach, TV Personality Erin Andrews, as they kick off Valentine’s Day 2016 with a football game and some no-fail advice: this year, score more! Need another tip? Shop the new Valentine’s Day collection in stores, catalogue and online. 
"Score More: The Victoria’s Secret Angels Play Football (2016 Extended Cut)"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

The Angels are down by 5, 15 seconds left. Not looking good for them.  
Devils are set. All they have to do here is run out the clock.  
Oh no! That snap! Unbelievable! Ball's loose! Angels recover! 
Great coverage by the Angels. 
They're known for that.  
Lima's Hail Mary won the game for them last year. Watch for it here. 
Or will they stay on the ground with Tookes, their strong runningback.  
All right, we have time for one more play. You know what you gotta do. 
Score more! 
Score more! 
Score more! Woo! 
Let's go! 
Time for one last play. Devils in a prevent defense. 
Lima surveys the D. Tookes sets, Ambrosio is wide. 
Lima takes the snap. Back to pass. No! A Classic fake! Hill takes the ball. Hill tosses back to Tookes. She knows how to play the field. Great support up front. 
They're known for that. 
Tookes pitches back to Hill. Hill spins off one tackler. Unbelievable! She moves like a ballerina! Hill back to Hosk. She's got an opening. She's got the blocking! I can't believe this is happening. Hosk dives into the end zone! Touchdown! 
(Lyrics) More more more 
Come on give it to me 
All you've got 
I'm so deep in it 
I can't get enough, yeah 
I like it, I love it 
It's true (it's true)  
What you've gotta do is give me 
More more more 
Now or never 
Push it to the floor 
Pedal to the metal 
Do it baby, come and give me more

Written Text

Adriana Lima 
#15 QB 
Height 5'10" 
17/25 265 Yards 
2 TD / 0 INT 
Jasmine Tookes 
#32 RB 
Years Pro 3 
Height 5'9" 
29 ATT / 123 YDS 
1 TD / 0 FUM 
This Valentine's Day 
Score More! 
Victoria's Secret

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