"Budweiser USA: 2016 Super Bowl Commercial | #NotBackingDown :60" 
We're big. We have clydesdales, not ponies. We're proud to be America's #1 full-flavored lager. Budweiser is 140 years going strong, and we're #NotBackingDown. 
Budweiser has gone a different direction than in past years with this 2016 Super Bowl ad featuring their Clydesdales. Rather than use humor, they're focusing on their largeness and power which goes along with their brand. They aren't a fu-fu microbrew with fruity flavors. 
* Rock band 
* Large brewing containers 
* Clydesdales (not ponies) 
* People spraying their beers 
* Delivery driver carrying kegs 
* Huge cargo ship 
* Man throwing away the lemon slice that was on the side of his glass 
* People dancing and partying

Written Text

Not ponies 
Not a hobby 
Not small 
Not sipped 
Not soft 
Not imported 
Not a fruit cup 
Not following 
Not for everyone 
Not backing down 
Since 1876 
This Bud's for you.

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