"FirstBank – SB50 2016: Ode to Millennials" 
Millennials, are you the most money-saving savvy generation since the Greatest Generation of the 30’s and 40’s? Perhaps. You certainly enjoy sharing things – bikes, music, cars, streaming TV logins, even pants – apparently. We like to think you do this to save money, but the truth is probably closer to your generation being the most inclusive, most open-minded and the friendliest. So FirstBank is giving you a Mile-High salute during this year’s big game. Here’s to you and here’s to sharing. 
This 2016 regional Super Bowl ad features an old man in a rocking chair sitting on his porch talking about millennials. He stands up and we see he is in white boxer shorts (with a sweater and coat on top).

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Everyone complains about millennials. Nonsense. Millennials, I salute you. You save money like no other generation. You share cars, WiFi passwords, canoes, deodorants. My grandson bought a pair of pants with me. They share pants. Today's his pants day. No baby boomer ever shared a pair of pants with me.

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Welcome to our porch 
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