"U.S. Census Bureau Super Bowl XLIV ad - Snap Shot (2010)" 
This horrible 2010 Super Bowl commercial for the upcoming 2010 Census brings together several comedians to create a confusing, uninformative 30 second ad that wasted millions of your tax dollars on absolutely nothing.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

So what I think is, the main thing we have to remember, we aren't letting anyone know the location. 
Mmm hmm. 
Only telling people that are going to be coming to the shoot. 
So just the 300 million people who are coming will know the location? 
So, everyone? 
Snap shot of America. 
Isn't that kind of what the Census is doing? 
Mmm hmm. 
Yeah, but we have to let them know at some point. 
So they can get there. 
And when do we let them know? When does that happen. 

Written Text

The Census is a snapshot of America 
Census 2010

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