"Britney Spears - PEPSI Generation (Commercial)" 
This 2002 Super Bowl ad features Britney Spears starring in Pepsi ad representing all the decades that Pepsi has been around.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

? at fountains today. People who think young say, "Pepsi, please." 
The lively crowd, today agrees 
Those who think young, say, "Pepsi, please." (Pepsi) 
For those who think young 
Come alive, come alive 
You're in the Pepsi generation 
You're in the Pepsi generation 
You're in the Pepsi generation 
Taste that beats the others cold 
Pepsi pours it on 
Pepsi's got that special taste 
Created for the ? 
You've got a lot to live 
And Pepsi's got a lot to give 
Simply irresistible 
Simply irresistible 
Turn me up 
Welcome to the joy all around 
Each generation, ? they pass their ? 
Shout it out 
Ba ba baba ba, ba ba baba ba 
? that joy of Pepsi cola 
Pepsi, for those who think young

Written Text

1958 - Have a Pepsi 
1963 - Pepsi Cola / Hit-o-meter / Miss / Hit 
1966 - Surf Contest Today / Pepsi-Cola 
1989 - Pepsi 
The Joy of Pepsi

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Pepsi Commercial for Super Bowl LII 2018 - Pepsi Generations "This is the Pepsi" | Pepsi | Extended

This Television Commercial refers to Pepsi Commercial
This is the Pepsi that Britney once popped.

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