University of Phoenix students come with more than just brains. 
"More Than Brains - University of Phoenix HD Commercial"

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(Lyrics) So my kids don't have to forage 
Got two jobs to pay a mortgage 
And I've also got a brain 
Life's short, talk is cheap 
I'll be working while you sleep 
Still don't think I've got a brain? 
You can try, I'll do it faster 
I was born a multi-tasker 
I was raised against the grain 
I took two bullets in the chest 
Got three kids, I never rest 
And I've also got a brain 
You think a resume's enough 
Who'll step up when things get tough? 
Don't you want that kind of brain? 
A degree is a degree 
You're gonna want someone like me 
But only if you have a brain

Written Text

We Rise 
University of Phoenix

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